About CLWD

The Cormorant Lakes Watershed District (CLWD) was established to protect and enhance the quality of waters within its jurisdiction, and to ensure that appropriate decisions are made concerning the management of streams, wetlands, lakes, groundwater, and related land resources that impact these waters. 
CLWD is located in Cormorant & Lake Eunice Townships in Becker County, MN. The District is home to many popular recreational lakes, agricultural land, fishing destinations, and home to the residents of the Lake Park Audubon community. The Board Managers are appointed by the Becker County Commissioners with a term of three years.
We are proud of our wonderful lakes and strong community. It is the wish of the CLWD to enhance our lakes and keep them great for future generations.
We have been serving our Community since 1966.
The Cormorant Lakes Watershed District is committed to planting more trees within the boundaries of the district. We have implemented the tree program which will enable many trees to be planted every year.